How to Solve Issue of Cursor Freezing in Toshiba Laptop?

An enterprise which has dealing in wide range of technological products such as electronic components, power systems, industrial system, consumer electronics, household appliances, medical equipments, power systems, lighting as well as logistics. It has made products according to the needs of an ordinary consumer as well as per the requirements of a professional. Though the products are reliable, affordable and durable, but still, there are chances that you may face some problems. It could be either the battery issues, wireless connections, unlocking the touchpad, automatic updates or any other.

One such issue of ‘cursor not working’ is discussed along with relevant solutions to solve it. Sometimes you will find the situation being worse, in which cursor doesn’t move even a bit, it will be good to follow the instructions given in the next few lines:

  • As you see, the cursor is stuck at one point, unfolding the task manager is enough to get out of the issue. For opening the task manager window, hit on ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ and ‘del’ button simultaneously and select the option of ‘task manager’ from the list given. Have a look at the cursor when you open ‘TM’ or shake the mouse to check if the cursor is moving.
  • Program not responding- Next step is to see if there is any program which is not responding in ‘TM’. You can click on ‘end task’ if you found any such program which is not responding. It will free the cursor and allow it to move easily.
  • Even if it prolongs, turn off and then again start your laptop. For doing this, you can click on ‘ctrl’, ‘alt’ n ‘del’ altogether and select the option of ‘shut down’. You can even hold the power button for few seconds until the laptop shuts down.

All these would assist you to resolve the cursor issue and set you free. But in case, you are not able to come out from this mess, then ahead towards Toshiba Support Number UK ++44-2038-687821 to seek desirable measures. Without wasting your time or disappointing you, they will acquaint you with suitable remedies for each and every query that is wandering in your mind.

Scope of Support for Toshiba

  • Toshiba Laptop Boot Problems
  • Slow working
  • Not charging issues
  • Does not awake form sleep mode.
  • Keyboard is typing the wrong character
  • Overheating issues of Toshiba Laptop
  • Hard drive failure issues
  • Contrast is too high
  • Display is flickering
  • Not working on wireless network